Mechanical Sales SD/Pear Inc. Represents over 50 HVAC manufacturers in the Upper Midwest 

Roof Hoods, Louvered Penthouses, and Roof Curbs
UL Dampers, Control Dampers, Industrial Dampers, and Louvers
Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers
Commercial Packaged Rooftop and Split Systems, DOAS Units
Industrial and Commercial Centrifugal, Mixed Flow, Lab Exhaust, Axial fans, Utility Sets and Make-Up Air Units.
Vertical Unit Ventilators, Hydronic Unit Heaters, Fin Tube Radiation
Underfloor Air Distribution Solutions, Trench Heaters, Underfloor Diffusers.
Louvers & Dampers.
Bi-Polar Ionization Air Purification Technology.
HEPA Filter Housings.
Superblock Heat Exchanger Technology.
Kitchen Ventilation Hoods and Make-Up Air Units; Factory Welded Grease Duct.
Floor-mounted Chilled Beam Induction Cabinets Utilizing Displacement Ventilation.
Room Pressure Controllers/Monitors & Closed Loop Air Flow Valves for Laboratories, Isolation/Operating Rooms, and Clean Rooms.
Chilled Beams using induction nozzle technology
Pool Units/Dehumidifiers, Dry Coolers.
HDPE, Seamless, Corrosion Proof Cooling Towers.
Gas, Electric, and evaporative Humidifiers, Water Treatment Systems
Venting and Boiler Flue, Grease Duct Systems.
Polarized Media Air Cleaning Systems
Spiral Duct, Self-Sealing Duct, Connectors, and Fittings.
Architectural and Thermal Diffusers.
Clean Air Technologies - Fan Filter Units.
Water to Air & Water to Water Heat Pumps
Commercial and Industrial Custom HVAC Systems
Gas, Electric, Hydronic, & Oil Fired Heating/Ventilating & Make-Up Air Units, LP and Natural Gas Unit Heaters & Duct Furnaces
Automatic Flow Control / Balancing Valves, WSHP Hose Kits, Coil Piping Packages, Condensate Hose Kits, Circuit Balancing Valves, Water Meters
Automatic Flow Control / Balancing Valves, WSHP Hose Kits, Coil Piping Packages, Condensate Hose Kits
Leaders In Airflow Management, Fan Wall Technology, Custom Manufacturing Air Handling Units and CLEANSUITE Operating Room Systems.
Air Turnover Units, Make-up Air Units
Premier Gas Detection Solutions
Leaders in fabric duct systems including Safetrack 360 which eliminates the POP on startup.
Packaged Rooftop and DOAS System, Unit Heaters.
Unit Heaters, Fin Tube Radiation, Unit Ventilators
Louvers, Motorized Dampers, Life Safety Dampers, Equipment Screens
Quick Clamp Ducting
Induction chilled beams
Commercial Boilers - Stainless Steel Hi-E Condensing Boilers and Conventional Cast Iron Boilers.
Full line of commercial HVAC pumps and accessories.
Corrosion Resistant Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Lab & Exhaust Fans
Welding, Cutting, and Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems
Commercial, Industrial, and Specialty Air Curtains and Doors
Electric Unit Heaters, Electric Cabinet Unit Heaters, Electric Wall Heaters
Heat Pump & Heat Recovery VRF Systems, Low ambient Ducted and Ductless Split Systems
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans.
Centrifugal and Axial fans, Air Circulators, Energy Recovery Ventilators, and Roof Hoods.
Gas-Fired and Electric Radiant Heaters, Process and Agricultural Heaters, and Patio Heaters.
Excelon - Premium Efficiency Make-Up Air, Standard direct&indirect fired makeup air units, gas & hydronic unit heaters.
Precision Indoor Cooling, Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Air Handlers (CRAH)
Modular Chillers and Heat Pumps with Packaged Controls and Pump Packages.
Commercial and Industrial Custom Air Handling Products.
Grilles/Registers/Diffusers, Displacement Systems, Under Floor Air Distribution, Chilled Beams, Air Terminal Units, & Fan/Blower Coils.
Electric Duct Heaters, Custom Electric Heating Solutions
Air Conditioning Systems for Diverse and Specialized Applications with Numerous Configurations.
Louvers, Screens, Dampers, Penthouses, Roof Vents, Curbs, Specialty Grilles, Access Doors, and Duct Accessories.
UV-C for Air & Water.
Commercial HVAC silencers, industrial fan silencers, turbine silencers and filtration systems.
Heat Recovery Air Handing Systems, Sensible Energy Recovery (Plate & Pipe), Total Energy Recovery (Wheel & Plate).
Commercial and Industrial Custom Air Handling Products.
Full line of chillers, air handling units, roof top units, condensing units and terminal units of all types - REPRESENTED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PEAR INC